Honouring our Feminine Essence

Whenever I observe my fellow women, and myself, I find it hard to look away and avoid seeing that beyond the status we fall under, beyond the success the world confers to us, and the physical aspect that we show, lie hidden wounds. These wounds, however visible they might be, alter and filter our expression.

Overwhelmed by the cultural, political and religious heritage we have received, we may have sometimes felt identified with it, while others we may have reacted against it, thus losing the connection with our essence. These wounds, if they remain undiscovered and untreated, render us survivors, leaving us with not much of value to offer.

Our attempts are sterile if we try to minimise and bury our sadness for not having been embraced and considered as the wonderful creatures that we are; the sadness for having disconnected from the light and love we used to bring after birth. This sadness will keep affecting us until we fully recover our heart and become capable of living in harmony with our cycles, with our body, and start honouring our ability of discernment, sensitivity and delicateness.

I have the certainty that our healing as women comes through acknowledging with honesty that behind a so-called “fulfilment” in this world, many times we have betrayed ourselves and sought attention and recognition outside of ourselves.

In occasions we might have shown weakness, a child-like attitude or vulnerability, haphazardly giving away our power with a clear, or sometimes veiled intention of receiving compensation in return, from our parents, teachers, husbands or bosses; or, some other times, standing on foundations infused with anger, pain and resentment, we might have perpetuated the ancient fight of genders, only this time using the weapons of men and competing with them in every arena.

I wonder if it is necessary to keep using the same weapons, the same strategies and battlefields that so much suffering have caused already.

This machine that keeps labelling everyone as victim or abuser needs to bottom out. If we keep reacting from our wounds, it will not be possible to achieve a true fraternity between men and women.

It is necessary to leave this machinery that we have created hand in hand with men in an unconscious way, which has just alienated ourselves further and further. In order to do this, we clearly need an individual decision, an honest attitude that questions every effort we have spent building ourselves, which really hasn’t taken into account what base there was to do so; the need of questioning every model of womanhood that have influenced us through literature, press, cinema and the invasion of advertisements, which have alienated and increased the distance both with ourselves and with men.

Any re-enacting, however wonderful and glamorous, is nothing but a ragged dress when compared to the true emanation of a woman that lives in contact with herself.

The beauty of a woman, whose life stands on the foundations of true Love, is truly unique.

This beauty cannot be acquired. It is not conquered or purchased, but belongs to all of us. It is not a privilege of those who respond to certain standards, nor it is of those who can afford to gift themselves with all kind of ornaments and embellishments. It is not of those who can invest in cosmetic surgery in the hope of substituting what cannot be substituted.

Our beauty is the result of leading a responsible life, of being conscious of the imprint we leave in everything we express, in everything we do. The mark we leave in our children, in our partners, our pupils and our colleagues, in our friends and in all our creations.

The beauty of a woman resides in the integrity she lives with, the harmony she spreads, and the serene emanation of her regard, the shine in her eyes whenever she expresses, faithful to the truth in her heart; it resides in her natural receptivity, her strength and wisdom to lovingly intervene in every matter that surrounds her.

Healing our wounds implies being honest with ourselves, taking the decision to abandon the attempt of reinventing ourselves inspired by enslaving ideals and standards.

Our true expression stems from this intimate pulse, which emanates from the innermost part of our heart, where the true medicine lies, the true nourishment, the true healing for humankind and the Earth.



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