I live my life as in constant initiation.

Every day is a new opportunity for me to be more aware and more responsible for what I emanate and for what I express when coming into contact with those I meet, as well as the imprint I leave wherever I go.

Contemplating my life in the light of Love has led me to question the solidity and consistency of its foundations. It gives me the clarity to make decisions and helps me release old habits and those conditionings which have nothing to do with respecting my body, the integrity of my actions and the delicateness of my expression.

It leads me to discover how wonderful it is to live without longing, without recriminating or pushing myself and without the pressure of having to please, calm or save anyone.

How simple it is to live allowing Love to expand within and throughout me.

To awake with the purpose of being whole gives me back the Joy of being alive.


You can find information about my professional activity at: www.victoriarnanz.com

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